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Today is the day of the final Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, an aspect which begins a new fourteen year cycle of originality, technological advances, and innovations in products, processes, and services.   We experienced the first contact of this series in June in the sign of Aries, then again in retrograde motion in Pisces in September, and now in direct motion again in Pisces.  Soon both planets will continue into Aries.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and opportunities, growth and optimism.  Uranus is the planet of innovation, unexpected breakthroughs, and societal transformation.  These two together are a powerhouse for business!

Samuel Morse Telegraph, created during 1844-45 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

At the first contact back in June I wrote:

…what’s fun about this series of contacts is that Uranus expresses its energy in our lives in completely unpredictable ways.  This coupled with Jupiter’s love of sport means the coming six months may feel like a merry-go-round spinning at top speed:  you know the ditty, round and round and round we go and where we stop, nobody knows!  Yes, that’s Jupiter/Uranus.

This is a time of big risks, big opportunities, massive creative juice, and the potential for just as big mistakes and failures.  Especially early in the cycle, we are likely to begin one thing and another, throwing balls into the air to see where they land.  Where will we end up next January, after the last of the conjunctions?  In a new place for sure, but with Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, we won’t know until we get there.  Are you ready for the ride?

So how was it for you?  What balls did you throw in the air and where did they land?

And then at the retrograde contact in September I wrote:

Deep in the recesses of your mind, there is a new idea being born.  Yes, it may bear a resemblance to something you thought was left behind for good.  And while both planets are in retrograde motion, it may be hard to clearly distinguish the next step for your business innovation and that’s OK – it’s not time for a fully baked idea yet.  But if you listen carefully, you may hear the stirrings of your next big move, even if it sounds familiar.

By now the boundaries have given way; we’ve experimented, we’ve tested, we’ve taken risks, we’ve tried things that worked and others that failed.  The idea is ready and we’re right on track!

Looking back over the last six months, could you have foreseen what your plans are today?  I know when I think back to last June I thought I would be writing a series on Leadership for each astrological sign.  Now I intend to pursue my Master’s Degree in Archetypal Cosmology and Conscious Evolution and write an additional blog on the daily journey through astrology!  Talk about completely unpredictable, I didn’t even have a glimmer of this last June.

How about you?  What ideas and insights are ready for implementation?  It’s time to trust your intuition now.  If it’s not immediately apparent, scan your heart and mind.  The seed has been planted for your business innovation, your trek into the next fourteen years.  Now is the time to recognize what has begun.  Can you identify it?

Please share in the comments your breakthrough if you can.  It will be inspiring to hear what these two planets have brought to light.

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