Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

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This week the Moon gains strength on Monday and Tuesday, reaches Full Moon on Wednesday, and begins to decline by Friday.  Up and over the top, the Moon signals the time to bring your current projects to fruition with an extra push early in the week, and full exposure for the rest of the week.  This is the week to really go for it; to exert all your energy and effort to make it happen.

In the days leading up to the Full Moon, you might consider whether an additional detail or conversation would put the finishing touches on your project and make it ready.  The Moon in Gemini brings a focus on writing, speaking, or studying; all communications have the potential to add the last final ingredient to make your project perfect.

When the Moon reaches Full, it’s time to let your project stand on its own.  With the Cancer Moon you’ll have no doubt as to how it will be received:   everyone’s reactions will be on their sleeve.

Then as the Moon moves through Leo and into Virgo by Friday, you’ll have to strive to share the limelight where it is due and not take criticism or acclaim too personally.  You may have to adjust to input and opinions about your product.  Sometimes even we can’t recognize the flaws in our design until it’s out there for others to see.  This is a beneficial transition; allow your design to change in order to meet your customer’s needs.

Jupiter in Pisces final opportunity

The Sun sextiles Jupiter this week, a last hurrah for these two planets in these two signs.  The Sun exits Capricorn on Thursday and Jupiter exits Pisces on Saturday but before they do you have the opportunity to take the best from the past and institute it into your company policies and values.  No matter how inclined you are to look forward rather than back, open yourself to all you’ve learned about bonding, connection, and crafting a shared vision for the future.

With Jupiter in Pisces you’ve been enjoying the benefits of creating links between people within your organization and also forging links between your company and other organizations.  You’ve been championing the underdog and you’ve stuck by people who just needed some additional mentoring to be successful.

As Jupiter moves into Aries, the tenor will change, both within your company and on the field of competition.  Try to maintain some of the Piscean attitude of service and unity as you begin to step into more aggressive expansion efforts.  Big plans and bold moves will take over soon; use this week to cement the bonds you’ve forged lately to bring the best into the new business environment.

Packing a Punch

The other major influence this week is a Mercury/Pluto conjunction on Monday.  This is an incredible opportunity to forge new plans, even an annual goal, which is undergirded by practical understanding of the global environment in which your business operates.  You can expect deep insights about the coming year and the impact of our continuing economic climate on your business.

This aspect also brings extraordinary power to our thoughts and words, so be careful what you say!  For better or worse, your words can ignite transformation today, so use this energy wisely.  And shield yourself against reckless words from others; everyone’s speech will pack a punch on Monday. (For another take on this powerful aspect, see my discussion in my other blog.)

Let me know how your week unfolds!

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