Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Hello, everyone.

There’s a lot going on this week, some of it fairly dramatic and some of it quite subtle.  Neptune dips its toes into its home base, Pisces; the Sun and Jupiter meet in the skies; Pluto assumes retrograde motion; and the Sun and Mercury form their mid-retrograde conjunction.  In this week just after the New Moon we can catch glimmers of our next project and how to set it in motion.

Neptune enters Pisces

On Monday Neptune enters the sign Pisces, a sign so attuned to the energy of Neptune that we could say we’ll experience Neptune to the second or third degree.  At the beginning of this transition we may notice a shift from the mental realm of social networking to experiences based more on shared feelings like musical events or religious gatherings.  Over time I think we may come out of our separate spheres, connected to each other through the internet, to more interactions we share in physical space.  Neptune represents the part of us that wants to connect and dissolve barriers and in Pisces we will yearn for an emotional and mystical connection, rather than a purely mental one.

How can you incorporate this into your business?  It’s really too soon to tell, but look for tools and technology based on media that provides a more sensual, overall experience and for breakthroughs in fields ruled by Neptune such as oil, pharmaceuticals, health, marine biology, film, and space. Unified field theory? You bet. Theory of everything? Probably so.

Sun conjunct Jupiter

Wednesday is the annual meeting between the Sun, representing you in your leadership position in your business, and Jupiter, representing new opportunities, new growth, expansion into new fields or territories, and general optimism.  In Aries it could even spell exuberance and extravagance.  This is a wonderful week for larger-than-life ideas and the willingness to speculate based on an accurate assessment of the future.

The only caution is to remember that Mercury is still retrograde, so the information you receive may be twisted in some way or only partially true.  Check everything twice but don’t hold back.  This is an excellent time to begin a whole new endeavor.

Pluto Retrograde

On Saturday, Pluto enters into retrograde motion.  Pluto is in retrograde motion for five months every year, backtracking over the same few degrees of arc it just traversed.   Look for a post later in the week that discusses this important planet and its retrograde motion.  In a nutshell, Pluto in Capricorn represents the global movement to destroy and then rebuild the massive structures of our lives:  business structures, political structures, economic structures, transportation structures, military structures.  You probably recognized, just at the end of last year, an area in your business life that needs a similar revamping and hopefully you have been undertaking (there’s a nice Pluto word!) this work since then.

The annual period of retrograde motion allows us a second chance to look at the same issues again.  During the next five months your awareness of your role in the challenges your business faces will go much deeper, subtle aspects will come to light, and we will all become more and more conscious of the part our own attitudes play in keeping worn-out and decaying structures in place.

If you experience a setback this week, especially one connected to the structures mentioned above, take it as a signal that you have some excavation work to do, either inside your own psyche or in your business.

Sun Conjunct Retrograde Mercury

Also on Saturday, the Sun meets with Mercury in retrograde motion.  This is a critical date in the whole cycle of Mercury retrograde.  This is the best day for a formal meeting with your staff, anyone involved in collecting or disseminating information in your organization.  Your people have something to share with you today although they may need to express it in alternative ways to the usual emails, texts, or power point presentations.  Look for synchronicities and connections that aren’t apparent on the surface.  A glimpse of the future is promised today if you can put yourself in a listening frame of mind.

Have a great week and let me know how this powerful time goes.

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