Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Hello everyone.

This week begins with a stand-off and then stumbles and tumbles with one change after another.  As we leave the Full Moon behind we’ll wrap up our current projects and definitely end the week in a difference place than we started.


On Monday there is a stand-off between Mars in Aries and Saturn in Libra.  These are opposing energies to the max and with the aspect between them an “opposition,” I’m afraid that will be the keyword for the day.  Someone wants to act, someone wants restraint.  Someone takes a seemingly childish stand, the other is sober to a fault.  Someone wants to be off on their own making things happen, someone else wants the team to take up the project.  Someone wants to initiate something new, the other wants the tried and true.  Both are up for a fight.

Nothing subtle or hidden here, this will rise to a head and will have to be dealt with.  Put your leadership hat on and find the fine point of compromise.  This aspect is full of energy which can move your business forward if you take a strong hand and guide it.


Again today your staff is up for a challenge with a Mercury/Mars conjunction, except today it’s in the realm of ideas.  Everyone will be talking at once, trying to win others over to their point of view.  The challenge of the day is to remember that Mercury is still retrograde, so what people think they hear may not be exactly what was proposed.  Especially as your staff interacts with customers, make sure they know exactly how much to offer and how to put practical parameters around their presentations.


Wednesday is a day of adjustment and change with the Sun and Venus changing signs.  The Sun moves into Taurus which should lend more stability and reliability to the atmosphere and yet Venus enters Aries where she is hot and fiery and less diplomatic than in any other sign.  Venus in Aries ignites your PR and marketing efforts, beginning an excellent period to establish new relationships and bold propositions.  Be careful not to over-promise; you may under-deliver.  This flame can burn out quickly and move on to the next thing before the last is accomplished.

Also today the Sun receives input from Neptune.  This puts you “in tune” and leads to new connections from new sources, ones you may have missed along the way.  The Sun in practical Taurus may not welcome this “airy-fairy” Neptune energy but if you resist it your energy may flag. Spend a few hours looking at the latest tools and technology for your business. Explore to your heart’s delight, but no purchasing please.  Wait until Mercury is direct next week to decide which new toys you really need.


Venus in Aries meets Uranus in the same sign which brings creative breakthroughs and interactions charged with electricity.  Expect the unexpected where finances are concerned.  Financial astrologers are forecasting sharp price swings and you may experience this volatility in your own purse, up or down, or up then down, or…well, you get the picture.  Poise yourself to take advantage of a sudden opportunity but don’t let your cash burn a hole in your pocket, because today, it will!


Mercury regains direct motion on Saturday, time to resume plans, negotiations, and contracts.  However, give it a few days before you expect yourself and your colleagues to be fully back into the rational, linear, commercial mode.


Sunday is an experimental day for this Astro4Business site.  We are just starting to incorporate Chiron into our forecasting and testing its activities in business.  On Sunday the Sun in Taurus forms a supportive aspect with Chiron in Pisces.  Let’s see what it brings.  My astrology program says this aspect brings us in contact with people who can teach us new skills, wise teachers who can spark a whole new field of learning for us.  Let’s all tune in and see.  Please share in the comments if you experience this energy on Sunday, give or take a couple of days.

Have a wonderful week!
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