Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Hello everyone.

Can it be the end of April already?  Sure enough we’re in the final week and also the final week of the Moon, winding down and cleaning up in preparation for the next cycle.  Venus takes on Pluto and Saturn this week; she’s ready for a fight and I hope she can hold her own.  Venus in Aries is a warrior, but Pluto and Saturn are no lightweights themselves.  At the end of the week there is a rocket-launching Mars/Jupiter conjunction.  Only two days are highlighted this week but these energies are so powerful the whole week will be affected.  Let’s look at these two days a little further.


Very early Wednesday morning, maybe even Tuesday evening depending on your time zone, Venus in Aries reaches a 90° angle with Pluto in Capricorn.  This angle is known for tension and intractability; two parties are each sure they are exclusively in the right and are willing to go to the mats to prove it.  Venus rules money and Pluto rules the economy as a whole, including banking, debt, and taxes.  It may feel like others want too big a share of your pie and you’re “mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!”  There’s a battle brewing this week and you may as well take a stand and try to protect your assets.

In the evening the Sun in Taurus forms a trine aspect with that same Pluto in Capricorn. This can bring a test of your own personal power and you will probably come out victorious.  You may negotiate a compromise position or recognize you have allies behind the scenes who are ready to come to your aid.  The day will end on a high note, but you may have fought a hard fight.  Time to celebrate your success with a little food, wine, and companionship.


On Saturday Venus in Aries opposes Saturn in Libra.  We’re used to thinking of feminine Venus as a mediator and negotiator, but when she’s in Aries, she can put her dukes up with the best of them.  Saturn counsels restraint and caution but Venus is ready to act.

This aspect can bring an opportunity your way but with Saturn strong in Libra you may feel too cautious or restrained to actually take it.  You may feel that you can’t afford it or you don’t have the support you need to succeed and that may be true.  Venus opposing Saturn can feel really frustrating as feisty Venus wants new experiences but conservative Saturn wants to continue with the tried and true.  See the short video from the film Funny Girl below for a great example of Venus in Aries sloughing off her cautious Saturnian advisors, “Don’t Rain on My Parade.” This is the spirit of this aspect but don’t forget how the story ends.  Take the voices of experience seriously while you can today because….

…a few hours later Mars meets Jupiter in Aries, which sparks an ignition.  The Aries energy won’t be held back any longer.  You’re up for a challenge as Jupiter in Aries thinks big and Mars in Aries wants to take action with passion.  Growth, expansion, competition:  all these catch fire with this transit.  This aspect is fortunate in that Mars gives you the expertise right down on the field of action and Jupiter gives you the view from the hilltop.  You can see the patterns below and instantly respond, knowing when to advance and when to retreat.  This environment propels you to take the big risk, except that the New Moon is less than three days away.  So make your plans now, buy your supplies, get people on board, make sure all your tools are in working order, and then launch after May 3.

Have a wonderful week and as always, let me know how it all pans out.  Your comments expand our understanding of the impact of astrology on our businesses.


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