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This week features a waxing Moon culminating in the Total Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday, followed by several important Mercury transits.  This is not likely to be a week you’ll forget!  Let’s take a closer look.

(Note:  I usually write this column on the weekend before the week and then promptly forget the day-by-day transits.  During the week, when something unusual or of special interest comes up, I come back and read what I wrote for that specific day.  Usually I can connect the situation to the daily transits but even if I cannot, reading about them again takes my thinking to a deeper level.  I encourage you to revisit these pages as the week unfolds, too.)


Photo of the last Lunar_Eclipse, by Jiyang Chen (Source:Wikipedia)

This month’s full Moon is on Wednesday and it is a Total Lunar Eclipse.  From Wikipedia:

“A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes behind the earth so that the earth blocks the sun’s rays from striking the moon. This can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned exactly, or very closely so, with the Earth in the middle. Hence, there is always a full moon the night of a lunar eclipse.”

So this week we have this line-up of the Moon, Earth, and Sun, with the Earth’s shadow falling on the Moon, causing it to dim in the sky.  In certain societies, this blocking of the Moon on what is usually her brightest night of the month is seen as a harbinger of bad news.  And there are those who recommend that we take it easy on the day of the eclipse, avoiding all unnecessary work and travel.

I have the feeling that this eclipse will be relatively mild, even though it is total.  Bridging the mutable signs Gemini and Sagittarius, we may be able to spend the day in a philosophical frame of mind.  Any activities that combine Gemini’s love of words and communications with Sagittarius’ love of vision and justice will work out well today.  Our task is to bring balance to the day and let the problems resolve themselves.


On Thursday, Mercury enters Cancer and then forms an extremely harmonious aspect with Neptune.  Mercury in Cancer moves our minds from the facts and data gathering common with Gemini to tuning into and dealing with our customers’ and employees’ needs and motivations.  You may have to meet one-on-one with people and reassure them; you may have to spend more time discussing personal and family matters.  If you focus on loyalty and emotional bonding, you will win others’ allegiance and support.

With Neptune on the field today, you may feel inspired by all your interactions, but steer away from decisions for today.  Your insights are valid but you could mislead yourself about the scale of their application.  Just take in the information now; decide what it means later.


Friday is an excellent day for big ideas and fruitful interactions with authority figures.  Mercury in harmony with Jupiter helps you take in the big picture and you will like what you see.  The future looks bright and you will understand how you can take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves.

With Venus in harmony with Saturn you will have the practical realism to turn your ideas into working plans, with a little help from others.  Loyalty, duty, economy:  these keywords will lead to good judgment and sound agreements.  You’ll understand the value of alliances today, both existing ones and those on the horizon.


Saturday continues the Mercury emphasis of the week and today could be a challenging day as Mercury in Cancer forms an aspect with Uranus in Aries.  Mercury with Uranus usually brings clarity and insight, but Cancer and Aries are about as incompatible as two signs can be.  Our thought processes are emotional and reactive due to Mercury’s placement in Cancer and Uranus is impatient with delays and “feelings.”

You may have to change gears for a while and accept the more intuitive and less rational.  Don’t expect the usual incisive thinking processes from yourself or those around you.  If you feel yourself pulled in two seemingly incompatible directions, just wait for the moment to pass.  Soon a clearer perspective will return.


Another Mercury aspect rounds out the week on Sunday!  With Mercury in Cancer, people want to unburden themselves and it’s important to take the time to listen. With Pluto in Capricorn, you may find out something that has been hiding in the dark.  Whatever it is, it’s important that you actively confront the issue and resolve it.  It may require bringing others in to help, but try not to carry it into next week.  Deal with it and move on.

Have a wonderful week and let me know how it goes.  And remember to check back here for daily guidance when you need it.

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