Dear Friend,

Jason bringing Pelias the Golden Fleece; a winged victory prepares to crown him with a wreath. 340 BC–330 BC. (Source:Wikipedia)

In May, I began studying for a Master’s Degree in Archetypal Cosmology and Conscious Evolution.  Although I’m a newbie, so far I understand it to be a study of our psyches as a reflection and expression of archetypes, particularly the archetypes that are revealed in the astrological signs and planets.  This study then leads to the ability to work consciously with these archetypes to further personal evolution and the evolution of humanity as a whole.  It’s an exciting and challenging course already and I’m sure I will understand it much more as I get deeper into it.

As I focus my attention on this new branch of astrological knowledge, I find I have less time to devote to this column.  I am loathe to let it go, but I feel the need to go deeper and deeper until I get to the bottom of something I’ve been exploring for a long time, and in order to take that journey I need to curtail some of my other activities.

So I’ve decided to take a pause, not a break, for a while.  I have many plans for this blog in the future and will undoubtedly continue to post from time to time.  For those who have been with me since the beginning or have joined more recently, I hope to pick up with you again on a more regular basis in the future, when I’ll be able to bring a whole new layer of understanding and meaning to astrology for business.  The intersection of these two environments, astrology and business, is still my interest and there is still so much to explore.

The best bet is to subscribe using the RSS feed, so you’ll know when I post, or when I get back to more frequent blogging.  And don’t forget, there are still over 400 articles here that you can search and use for your research and learning.

I feel like a miner entering a deep cavern, looking for gold.  I’ll let you know when I find it!

All my love,


P.S.  As I wrote this, the Neil Young song, Heart of Gold, came to mind.  As I listened to it, I looked at his chart, which contains a Moon/Pluto opposition and a 13 degree Scorpio Ascendant.  In one of those astrological synchronicities, this very moment I’m writing also contains a Moon/Pluto opposition with a 13 degree Scorpio Ascendant!  This combination speaks about digging down into the deepest emotional depths and finding our true home.  Sounds about right to me.