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A4B Sunday – August 22, Got Virgo?

Hello everyone.

On Sunday the Sun moves into the sign Virgo, marking the end of our summer of transformation.  Virgo is particularly concerned with assimilation of all that has transpired, and with Mercury, Virgo’s ruler, in retrograde motion we can expect a fruitful month of reflection.  In the Northern hemisphere the harvest begins, an apt image for our own process this month.

Everyone has Virgo somewhere in their chart; it’s a natural part of the cycles of time.  Below you will find a wonderful video by Debra Silverman.  Debra has recorded a series of pieces in which she practically channels the energies of the different signs.  Although presented with wit and humor, I find them to be quite accurate impressions of each sign.  If your Sun sign is Virgo I’m sure you will resonate with the video; even notice how she is dressed and her hair! But seriously, watch the video and see if you can recognize the traits and qualities of Virgo that contribute to or detract from effective leadership.

If your Sun is in a different sign, watch the video anyway.  We all have the Virgo spirit operating in some area of life.  Play a game with yourself.  Watch the video and see if you can name an area of life where you think these qualities apply.  Then check your chart to see if this is where your Virgo is hiding.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this time of transition.

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Welcome to Saturn in Libra

Taos Pueblo Dancer. (Source:See photo attribution below)

Taos Pueblo Dancer. (Source:See photo attribution below)

AUDIO VERSION: Saturn in Libra

Hello, everyone.

I used to live in northern New Mexico, in Taos, the town just outside the Taos Indian Pueblo.  When there was a major celebration at Taos Pueblo, my friends from the Pueblo would invite me saying there would be “big doin’s” that day.  I’ve always loved that expression, big doin’s, and it comes to mind now.  There are big doin’s in the sky right now, really big.

Welcome Saturn to Libra!

To begin to understand the impact on our businesses we’ll start by examining Saturn’s transit in Libra.  Saturn has been in the sign Virgo for the last two years and will be under Libra’s influence until October 2012.  Saturn is said to be exalted in the sign of Libra, so he brings his best qualities to the matters of the sign as long as we are willing to do the work required.

The energy of Saturn has a natural affinity with business.  Quoting my post, “Saturn in Virgo – Managing by the Details”,

We’ve spoken about Saturn and how its qualities are beneficially associated with business ownership.  Saturn understands conservatism, budgeting, and the needs for controls, policies, and rules.  Saturn contracts the energy of ideas and inspiration into the material plane.  It sees the goal at the top of the mountain and can patiently follow a prescribed plan to get there.  Saturn does rule boundaries and limitations, yes, but willingly accepts these as a fact of life on this physical earth and knows how to put these things to use to accomplish success. 

Saturn in Libra’s idea of Success

So what is success when Saturn is in Libra?  Libra is a major turning point in the zodiac and also in the business cycle.  In the first six signs of the zodiac we are building inner resources and strengthening our skills and innate talents.  When we come to the seventh sign, Libra, we enter the phase of the cycle when our engagement with others becomes more the focus.  It’s almost as if we’ve spent the previous six signs perfecting ourselves so that we are ready to make a positive contribution to the lives of others.

In business, of course, this translates into business partnerships, business negotiations, business alliances – all the activities that take us out of the more personal, more entrepreneurial phases of business and into active engagement with the public, both our supporters and our competitors.  Businesses have a life cycle that is reflected by the zodiac signs and again quoting from a prior post, “The Zodiac and Business Life Cycle – Expansion”,

At the Libra point the business begins to establish partnerships to aid in its expansion and deals with responsibilities to investors.  There will be a focus on networking to expand the customer/client base as well as a further shift in management to a more broad-based model.  As the employee base expands as well, effort goes into recruiting the right people and dealing with human resources complexities.

Leadership in this phase will bring in outside consultants and new board members to engage the skills necessary for expansion.  Legal issues may become more serious now, with outside threats to product brands and legal challenges as the company becomes more known in the market.

So what will Saturn bring to these Libran activities?  What are the Libran ideas that Saturn will crystallize into matter?  Here are some ideas:

  • Fair and equitable partnerships
  • Responsibility to others
  • Social justice
  • Direct, honest communications
  • Respect for and inclusion of the elderly on your staff as sources of wisdom
  • Disciplined responses to threats from competitors


What to watch for

Justice-a good image for Saturn in Libra. (Source:Wikipedia)

Justice-a good image for Saturn in Libra. (Source:Wikipedia)

If any of these areas are out of balance in your business, Saturn will make it known over the coming months.  When the energy of Saturn the taskmaster first begins his instruction, it looks (and feels) like restriction, limitation, and failure.  Things we thought were going smoothly reveal another side.  Anywhere we have polarized – us and the government; me and my competitor;  my partner is the smart one;  I’m conservative and my partner is spending all the money – will be challenged as we learn to reclaim our power in the situation.

Saturn will shine a light on our ability to commit and to do the arduous work to play by the rules of partnership.  It will demand structure and a concrete commitment to fairness and equity.  Fortune or misfortune may look like it comes through others when Saturn in is Libra, but blame will have no place to stand as we are tested regarding our own integrity and honesty.  Saturn is known to demand truth and when he is in Libra he dispels our illusions about ourselves in relationship to others.  Saturn will expect us to act like grown-ups and to run our businesses according to fundamental social values, rather than convenient shortcuts we may have learned from others.

And the payoff?

All this work then clears the way to be able to join with others in cooperative, mutually beneficial relationships.  And remember, Saturn is exalted in Libra, so while it sounds like a lot of hard work, the payoff is tremendous and permanent.

Depending on the position of your natal Saturn, this could be easier for some, harder for others.  But we will all feel the impact and you will see it in the news, too.  And as I said earlier, this is just one of the influences at play during this complicated time.  I’ll explain more about it in upcoming posts.

See you soon!



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Ready for Opportunity? Jupiter Direct

Happy Jupiter Day!

Voyager 1 took this photo of the planet Jupiter on January 24, 1979 while still more than 25 million mi (40 million km) away.

Voyager 1 took this photo of the planet Jupiter on January 24, 1979 while still more than 25 million mi (40 million km) away.

Today is the day the great planet Jupiter comes to a standstill before resuming its direct forward motion.  Of course none of the planets ever actually stand still, but from our vantage point on earth sometimes it looks like a planet is moving forward, sometimes it looks like it is moving backwards, and, as it changes direction, it can look like it is standing still.

When a planet is stationary, it is a powerful time for the energies of that planet.  So today I thought we should revisit Jupiter and its transit through the sign of Aquarius, and then look at where you should look for business opportunities depending on which house of your chart it is traversing.  I’m honoring Jupiter with a very Jupiterian post, big and expansive!


As the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter is clearly visible and bright in the night sky, a large shining diamond.  Jupiter represents expansion, any activity aimed at extending or improving the mind, body, philosophy, or sphere of influence.  Jupiter represents our aspiration for wisdom and for a philosophy and moral code to live by. 

In the chart of a businessperson, Jupiter indicates the area of life where confidence and optimism brings luck and opportunities.  It shows the person’s judgment and discrimination, or lack thereof, and how practical they are in decision-making.  Jupiter indicates inspiration and the tendency toward expansion into new territories, and can indicate whether international business opportunities are a focus.

The condition of Jupiter tells about your openness to new opportunities and experiences, and your business philosophy regarding continuing education and training.  It indicates the level of benevolence and generosity toward employees and colleagues, and whether the person is reasonably openhanded or a spendthrift.

Iuppiter Tonans, possibly reflecting the cult image of the temple of Jupiter Tonans (Prado)

Iuppiter Tonans, possibly reflecting the cult image of the temple of Jupiter Tonans (Prado)

In a business chart, Jupiter describes the moral standards of the company and its advisors or board of directors.  It describes legal and international affairs.  It shows the company’s approach to goal-setting and strategic planning, and whether learning and experimentation are encouraged in the culture.  The general expectation for financial success can be seen from the placement of Jupiter.

Some vocations associated with Jupiter include publishing, law, and philosophy.  Jupiter also is associated with all forms of higher education, both as professor and student.  The ministry falls under the rulership of Jupiter, as well as vocations associated with international travel.


Aquarius is an air sign, concerned with the mind and intellect.  The glyph for Aquarius is the lightning bolt, signifying flashes of insight and brilliance.  Airwaves and electrical systems come naturally under the influence of this sign and also technological revolutions, such as the industrial revolution in the late 18th and early 19th century and the digital revolution in our time.  The sign is also associated with revolutionary ideas, such as liberty, democracy, anarchy, and socialism and with the nature of one’s responsibility and contribution to the group.  Aquarius includes an egalitarian vision, where each person is created equal to every other, and can make an equally valid contribution to the whole.

Jupiter in Aquarius

Jupiter has been in the sign Aquarius since January 2009 and will continue in this sign until January 2010.  What are the business opportunities when Jupiter is in Aquarius?  A partial list includes:

  • Expansion of business through technological innovation
  • Business opportunities through social networking
  • Optimism about teamwork and open innovation
  • Inviting customers or your audience to define their own product needs
  • Opportunities through spiritual or philosophical discourse, especially when disseminated through the latest technology
  • Providing opportunities for philosophical discussion among employees and coworkers
  • Success through collaboration, sharing, coordination, and cooperation
  • Virtual connectivity across borders
  • Investing in digital publishing


Aquarius Glyph

Aquarius Glyph

Jupiter in Aquarius for you

In this section I’ll outline for you where to look for business opportunities while Jupiter is in Aquarius.  You’ll need to have a copy of your chart to see which house Jupiter is transiting at this time.  See the sidebar if you’d like me to send you your chart with the current transits.

1st house – with Jupiter passing through your first house, the force of your personality alone attracts opportunities.  You come off as confident and optimistic and people are drawn to your energy.  So get out there and be with people and the opportunities will come.

2nd house – with Jupiter passing through your second house, a little gamble and a little risk with your own money will pay off; just don’t go overboard.  Invest in something solid and practical; bricks and mortar.

3rd house – your opportunities come through the field of education.  Find a way to pass on your knowledge or learn something new yourself.  Learning and teaching brings business expansion now, as well as writing and/or publishing.  Get that blog started!

4th house – anything to do with real estate or house wares in a good area of expansion for you, especially if there is some virtual or technological element involved.  Just promise me you’ll read the fine print before you sign.

5th house – the arts, creativity or businesses focused on children are important for you to invest in now.  Take a gamble and try something risky.  You’ve got the charisma to carry it off.

6th house – your day-to-day life holds opportunities for you, or anything you do to support the daily grind of others.  Also, finding a way to be of service will bring important business contacts.

7th house – partnerships!  Get together and collaborate with someone else and your business will boom.  Don’t be naïve though.  Check references and background thoroughly and get all of your agreements in black and white.

8th house – this is a good time to attract other people’s money or resources into your business.  People want you to handle their finances.  Invest wisely, and make sure all expectations are clearly stated and agreed to beforehand.

9th house– opportunities to do business overseas promise success, or at least to distant places over the airwaves.  Look also to contracts with learning institutions and extend yourself into publishing if that’s a fit for you.

10th house– The sky’s the limit for you.  This time should be brimming with opportunities for success – if you grab them.  Get out there with confident leadership and everyone will want to do business with you.

11th house– Your opportunities lie in groups, societies, associations.  Either find a way to collaborate with large numbers of people, or sell your products or services through a social network.

12th house– You may be inclined to retreat for a while and this is fine.  It’s time for some inner work and redefining of your goals.  But if you do seek opportunity, large institutions like the government or healthcare systems are perfect avenues for sharing your wisdom.

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The Zodiac and the Business Life Cycle – Maturity & Transition

Business Life Cycle

Business Life Cycle

We’ve been looking at the stages in the business life cycle, Start-up, Growth, and Expansion, and correlating them to the developmental cycle of the Zodiac.  In this post we look at the final two phases, maturity and transition. 

In Reframing Organizations. Artistry, Choice, and Leadership , the authors Bolman and Deal perfectly describe the last signs of the zodiac cycle, stating, [with my additions]:

The proliferation of complex organizations has made almost every human activity a collective one.  We are born, raised, and educated in organizations.  We work in them and rely on them for goods and services. [Capricorn]  We learn in schools and universities. [Sagittarius] We play sports in teams. [Aquarius] We join clubs and associations. [Aquarius]  Many of us will grow old and die in hospitals or nursing homes. [Pisces]  We build organizations because of what they can do for us.  They produce consumer goods, bring entertainment into our homes, provide education and health care, and deliver the mail.


Capricorn signifies the beginning of the phase when the business becomes a complex, collective organism or institution. This phase is another major transition for the business, with great rewards.  However the risks are very real.  At this point the business is known in the marketplace and the community.  There is prestige, honor, and success before the public.  There are loyal customers and a significant volume of repeat business. 

Yet, now that the business is so integrated into the overall economy, economic changes due to societal or market conditions can impact sales and profits.  The bureaucracy which has allowed the institution to reach the mature stage has become imbedded in the organizational culture.  This bogs down the entrepreneurial spirit needed to respond to market changes with new products and innovative services.

The business is beholden to and may become run by stockholders, and employees may wield control with collective bargaining.  The business is less and less able to compete with smaller, more responsive competitors.  Capricorn qualities of strength, dependability, persistence, efficiency and practical response to internal and external threats are needed at this stage.



In the Aquarian phase the entrepreneur’s original goals of individual self-expression and gain have been left long behind.  By this phase, not only has the bureaucracy made innovation highly cumbersome and unlikely, but the company has become an arena for union activity, employee ownership, and pension obligations.  The social has overtaken the individual.  Costs are high and productivity may stagnate.  If the company attempts to reduce costs, it must fight against entrenched attitudes and the status quo. 

When a company is in the aging side of the lifecycle, it is less likely to be able to call upon traits such as adaptability and flexibility.  These are the “too big to fail” companies and government intervention may shore them up but at a high price in terms of reputation and control.

In order for innovation to be created, it must come from the bottom up, and management must provide the means for employee team contribution.  Or the business may look to collaboration with outside partners and open innovation for new ideas and invention.  Yet this carries risks if outsourced suppliers deliver inferior goods, as was the case with toy company contracts in China.  The Aquarian traits of mental pioneering, and independent, imaginative, creative, thinking are critical to see the company through this phase. 



The Pisces stage is the transition stage, either to decline or to a new cycle of innovation.  Retiring staff and owners are interested in management succession and exit strategies.  Key employees may break off from the behemoth institution to begin their own start-up activities, taking talented resources with them.    The company may be broken up into smaller divisions in an attempt to reinvigorate the entrepreneurial spirit. 

This is the phase when high costs and declining sales can lead to dissolution.  The company may falter, leaving it open to attack by corporate raiders.  The business retreats from the public eye to retrench, restructure, or terminate.  A successful retrenching will allow the giant company to retain the competitive advantages of its size while discovering and harnessing the entrepreneurial talents of individual contributors.

This leads the business to the start-up phase again, as our Zodiac wheel turns to Aries.

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The Zodiac and the Business Life Cycle – Expansion

Business Life Cycle

Business Life Cycle

We’ve been reviewing the business life cycle and correlating its phases to the signs of the zodiac.  We’ve examined the start-up phase and its correlation to the qualities of Aries, Taurus, and Gemini, and the growth phase, with its correlation to the signs Cancer, Leo, and Virgo.  Now the business is ready for the expansion phase.


Libra marks the beginning of a phase when the business will either continue to expand through entering new markets, enlarging the company through mergers and acquisitions, or taking the company public, or it will maintain the status quo, rest on its laurels, and coast toward its ultimate termination.  A business that does not move forward with the times and respond to social forces with innovation will eventually reach its termination.

At the Libra point the business begins to establish partnerships to aid in its expansion and deals with responsibilities to investors.  There will be a focus on networking to expand the customer/client base as well as a further shift in management to a more broad-based model.  As the employee base expands as well, effort goes into recruiting the right people and dealing with human resources complexities.

Leadership in this phase will bring in outside consultants and new board members to engage the skills necessary for expansion.  Legal issues may become more serious now, with outside threats to product brands and legal challenges as the company becomes more known in the market.

This phase is characterized by a period of growth into new markets and distribution channels.  This effort makes this phase similar to the Aries time, with an emphasis on entrepreneurial pioneering spirit and research and development of ideas that complement the existing business and capabilities.  The Libra qualities of diplomacy, equilibrium, and objectivity shepherd the business through this phase.


The Scorpio phase brings a dramatic point of crisis.  The power of the original owner has been usurped by the structure of the business they have created.  Banking relationships and investor dynamics have made the company reliant on outside resources, with corresponding requirements for compliance and control.  Advisors, lawyers, and tax agencies seem to conspire to wrest the business from the owner. The original entrepreneur must decide whether to leave the company altogether or transform him/herself into a cog in a machine much bigger than he/she is.  A seasoned, possibly international, management team must function in order to take the business forward into new markets.  

There is no way even a very great leader can handle the business single-handedly at this stage.  The business will be transformed during this stage, whether that means regression to a prior state, expansion, or failure.  The business that survives will have its operating structures in place, its financing secured, and a strong management team ready for expansion.  The Scorpio traits of discernment, integrity, and willingness to dig deeply to find the truth are important during this difficult phase.


At this stage the business has weathered the Scorpio crisis and is preparing to be an institution.  The hard-won lessons have turned into capability to operate, communicate, and lead. 

In this phase there is expansion into new territories and products or services.  There is a natural rise in risk tolerance because of the stable financing established in the prior phase.  The new leadership team has weathered the storm and acts with confidence; this is the top of their game.  The focus is the forward thrust, the move into the future to gain a larger market share and find new revenue and profit channels. 

This is also when the business participates in philanthropic causes, whether born of a sincere desire to support the public or as a ploy to gain customers.  The risk at this stage is that lack of organizational discipline, born of a company moving into too many new ventures at one time, will take its toll on planning and profits.  The Sagittarian traits of optimism, risk-taking, judgment, and looking for opportunities near and far are characteristic of this phase.

In the next post, we’ll look at the mature phase of a business, and the transition into the next cycle.

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The Zodiac and the Business Life Cycle – Growth

Business Life Cycle

Business Life Cycle

Today we’ll continue looking at the zodiac and the business life cycle.  In the last post we examined Aries, Taurus, and Gemini and the start-up phase of the business life cycle.  Today we’ll look at the next phase, the growth phase.


At the Cancer stage, which corresponds to the solstice point in nature, we reach a major “make or break” point in the business cycle.  No longer in the start-up phase when we’re intent on fulfilling our own dreams, in order to grow our business  we have to begin to respond to the needs of our customers in order to generate additional revenue.  We may revise our original business plan based on feedback from our clients and customers to develop into areas that serve the customer and are profitable to us.  We may hire new employees to meet the demands of the business and this presents a major test in the business.  When employees begin to represent the business to others the business begins to develop a separate identity from the owner.  The Cancer qualities of receptivity, flexibility, and response to the needs of others are important at this stage.


In this phase we’ve made it through the first growth crisis and have arrived at the point where a more formal structure of leadership is needed to consolidate and perpetuate the growth of the business.  It is time for a leader, presumably the owner, to take charge and structure the business to deal with increased sales, customers, and employee issues.  With growth comes the challenge of steady profitability and at this stage there is a constant array of challenges bidding for time and money.  Effective leadership is critical to make decisions and stay on course.  In the Leo phase, the traits of courage, leadership and vision are important to pilot the business to success.


At the Virgo stage the company needs to professionalize management and develop consistency, training, and customer service.  More administrative elements are necessary and more complex accounting and management systems need to be set up.  Leadership should focus on training and delegation to free them to plan and prepare for the expansion to come in the next phase.  Formal business analysis is necessary to make sure the business is on the right track and can sustain itself without hands-on guidance from the owners.  To increase efficiency, documentation of business processes, policies, and procedures is important at this stage.  The Virgo’s penchant for analysis, order, organization, and detail are critical to the business in this phase.

We’re now half way through the zodiac, and ready for the next transition in the business cycle.  In the next post we’ll take the next step and move into the expansion phase.


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The Zodiac and the Business Life Cycle – Start-up

Hello, everyone.

Writing to you from outside London, in Sevenoaks, Kent.  I’m staying in an apartment with a sweet back yard full of flowers, apples, and plums, lush, green, and about 20 F degrees colder than Georgia, USA!  Change of scenery, change of pace, Mars in Cancer still working its way through my life.  How about yours?

In recent weeks we’ve looked at long-term influences correlated to the slower-moving planets with an eye to understanding current and future conditions that will have a bearing on our business plans for 2010.  We’re getting there!  We’ve looked at Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune in Aquarius, Saturn in Virgo, and we’ve begun looking at Uranus. 

Before we examine Uranus in the sign of Pisces, I want to give an overview of the cycle of the zodiac and the standard business life cycle.  The progression through the zodiac is a map of the natural cycles of development and change that all life goes through, including the life cycle of a business. Over the next few posts, we’ll look at these natural cycles and how they are also reflected in business life cycles.


Business Life Cycle

Business Life Cycle

In Aries, a fire sign ruled by Mars, the spark of life is new.  In business, this is the pre-start up phase, when the idea has just formed.  This is a highly entrepreneurial* time, when the owner is evaluating his or her personal reasons for going into business, making the decision to begin operating a business, and deciding what type of business he or she will begin.  This is also referred to as the “seed stage” in the business life cycle and the focus is on perceiving the business opportunities at hand and matching them with the owner’s skills, experience, and passions.  *(Entrepreneur in English is a term applied to the type of personality who is willing to [begin] a new venture or enterprise and accepts full responsibility for the outcome. Source:Wikipedia)

Whether a new product, or an established product or service in a new location or market, this is the initiatory phase, the spark has ignited but it has not burst into form yet.  At this stage the Aries traits of courage, independence, and enthusiasm are apparent.


This is the stage of business development when the spark of Aries begins to take a form.  Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus, and as such, is concerned with manifesting an idea in the physical world. At this stage the business owner chooses and registers the name and opens a bank account in the business name. There may be research and product development, obtaining financing, and setting up the legal structure for the business.

This is the phase when products or services begin to be in production, and when there begins to be a customer base and market presence.  Hopefully at this phase the business begins to create cash flow.  The Taurus traits of practicality, persistence, and patience are needed at this stage.


Gemini, an air sign ruled by Mercury, brings to the business sales and marketing efforts, signing procurement contracts, setting up the bookkeeping, and obtaining the necessary licensing.  In this phase advisors such as accountants and lawyers are chosen and usually the form of the business, whether incorporated, limited, or sole proprietorship is chosen and legally established.  Producing sales and services to generate cash flow becomes a major focus for the business.

The Gemini traits of versatility, rationality, and communications ability are important to the developing business at this stage.

These are the signs that correspond to the start-up phase of a business life cycle.  Once these initial steps have been taken, more complexities come into play, as we’ll examine in the next few posts.

Mercury Retrograde Stories

Any Mercury retrograde stories?  I’ve got one.  My daughter-in-law Natasha went to the train station today to buy a monthly commuter ticket for her job that starts tomorrow in London.  The very nice man at the ticket counter said that the computerized ticketing system had been down all day and they were trying not to sell tickets today because they would have to process them manually.  She had to patiently wait (she’s a Taurus) as the man repeated himself eight times that he was trying not to sell her a ticket.  Her Taurus persistence won out and she finally bought the ticket, although we’re hoping it is in the system by tomorrow morning at 6:30 when she has to catch the train.

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Risk and the Zodiac

Entrepreneurship is generally regarded as one of the essential characteristics for success.  Entrepreneurship is defined as “a risk-taking businessperson, somebody who initiates or finances new commercial enterprises.”

But there are different kinds of risk, and I’d say anyone in business for themselves is a risk-taking person.  What is risk?   “The chance of something going wrong:  the danger that injury, damage, or loss will occur.”  So how do the different signs of the zodiac deal with risk?

If you are highly influenced by this sign, look for these ways to deal with risk:

  • Aries – loves risk.  This warrior will create a risky situation even out of something safe just to have a battle to fight and win.
  • Taurus – slowly and steadily applies their effort to the situation.  Their belief in practical solutions lets them carry a great deal of risk with little stress.
  • Gemini – studies and learns about the situation.  Talks to people, gathers ideas, and comes up with a plan to address it.
  • Cancer – has a tendency to worry and carry stress in the belly.  They do well to have close family or friends to process problems with and to know someone is firmly on their side.
  • Leo – also likes risk, but wants concrete rewards.  They usually do not like to consult others but rather to devise their own solution and take the credit for overcoming adversity.
  • Virgo – may also carry stress in the body.  These are the people who need regular eating habits, regular massage, and regular exercise to wash stress from their body.  Once their bodies are stress-free, their good minds can devise the solution.
  • Libra – needs someone dependable to share in the responsibility and rewards.  These are people who thrive in partnership and don’t mind sharing the glory.
  • Scorpio – seldom shows stress to others but feels it deeply.  They would do well to take some days without other duties to delve deeply into the issue causing the stress, research every possible way to overcome it, and when they emerge, take quick and decisive action.  No holds barred.
  • Sagittarius – seldom feels stress.  They so love new opportunities that they don’t notice the stress everyone else around them is feeling.  Eat, drink, be merry, and make a lot of money!
  • Capricorn – will take well-considered, careful action to directly address the issue.  No sudden moves here, but no wishy-washy activity either.  Address it, conquer it, move on.
  • Aquarius – will find a solution that is fair to everybody.  As long as they take the moral high road, they do not fear the danger.
  • Pisces – understands the ebb and flow of business and lets go of what is no longer viable.  Ideally they float on top of situations and don’t become too concerned with loss (or gain).

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