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Astro4Business Weekly Forecast – August 2 – 8

Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Hello, everyone.

This week channels more of the major aspects of our summer of transformation right into our personal lives, especially into our personal and business relationships.  Mars and Venus enter the degrees of the zodiac where they meet and then transmit the Jupiter/Uranus/Saturn/Pluto T-square with immediacy.  Conditions we are used to seeing enacted on a global stage with distant entities such as the government, the media, or big business intersect with our daily lives again this week.  Now we get to interact firsthand with the challenges of today and we also get our opportunity to do our small part to resolve them.  The global becomes local this week.


Monday hosts one of the biggest transits of the summer, although you may not feel it on that particular day.  These transits carry so much weight that they are really in effect for two weeks before and after they are exact.  Jupiter and Pluto, two heavyweights, square off against each other in the ring and only time will tell which will prevail.  It reminds me of the recent movie, Clash of the Titans, with Jupiter and Pluto at odds and poor Perseus had to react to their drama with his all too human vulnerabilities.

One aspect of this clash I’m becoming aware of is in the tension we’ve seen between the press (Jupiter) and the government (Pluto in Capricorn) due to the leaking of military information through Wikileaks to the New York Times and other newspapers.  But how does this aspect apply to our businesses?

I think we should all keep this in mind:  the truth will come out.  Jupiter rules justice and what we consider to be lawful and fair.  Pluto rules the deep, dark, taboo places that no one wants to admit are there:  secrets about life, death, sexuality, and our intimate interactions with each other including financial transactions.  With tension between these two, my best advice to you for this summer is to keep your dealings above board and squeaky clean.  Pay your payroll taxes.  Make your loan payments on time.  Keep your negotiations on the table.  Take your lawyer, accountant, or HR Director with you when you need to confront someone.  Check the regulations that apply to your business.  Make sure you’re following the letter of the law.

The energies of this time are about revealing what is hidden, pulling to the surface transgressions and subterfuge.  So if you’ve got skeletons hiding in the closet, open that door, let the light in, and with expert advice if necessary, disinter and disinfect while it’s still in your power to do so.


On Tuesday Mars in Libra joins the fray, bringing the potential for a clash of principles which could erupt between you and your team or between two factions within your business.  There is a powerful urge for dominance and territory when Mars meets Jupiter and Pluto, although the Libran Mars may coat its urges in sweet-talk.  But have no doubt, there’s steel beneath that soft exterior and a strong will to win.  Put this to work for your business.  This is an excellent time to get to the truth of matters, to finally understand what’s been blocking your forward momentum, and to strategically remove obstacles.

These energies need a strong hand.  Bring the best of your leadership skills to each situation, and if you need support and back-up, ask for it.


At this point in the week Venus comes on the scene, although on Wednesday she may bring more confusion than assistance.  At the very end of her travels through Virgo, you still may not be satisfied with the lack of clarity around your finances and still not have a plan to address it.  But today, with Neptune in Aquarius crossing every attempt at efficiency, you’re probably as far as you’re going to get this time around.

Your social interactions today range near and far and I wouldn’t say practical productivity will be high on the list today; but inspiration could be as long as you’re able to weave and meld far-reaching influences into realistic product design and useful creative output.


On Friday, Venus enters Libra for about a month which should help balance and soothe the energies of August.  Venus in Libra is a time when we reach for harmony in relationships, as well as turn our attention to art, design, fashion, and beauty.  We are more than usually willing to give others the benefit of the doubt; we’re interested in teaming with rather than fighting against others.

Group efforts pay off and financial rewards come through partnership with Venus in Libra.  Create opportunities for your staff to interact; invite collaboration and teamwork.  Send teams into presentations rather than going it solo; you’ll make a better impression when clients see your ability to cooperate.


On Saturday Venus opposes Uranus in Aries, which could set off some fireworks.  There’s excitability about this contact and a desire for unconventional behavior.  There’s certainly a creative spark in the air and if you are working today your team should be able to produce some of the most unique work you’ve seen in a while – as long as you give them free rein.  Don’t worry – you can pick up the pieces tomorrow.


On Sunday, everyone’s feet come back onto the ground with a Venus/Saturn conjunction.  After the excitement of the week, this is a great day to see where you stand.  Take the best of the week and put some structure around it – today’s the day to confirm any business agreements you’ve made.  In fact, what you put in place today will stay in place for a good long while and will bring firm judgment and conservatism to your business relationships.  Don’t make it too heavy though; allow for some enjoyment and laughter along the way.

Have an excellent week!

For an overview of the month, see the Astro4Business Month Ahead – August 2010

For more info on the business descriptions of the planets influencing the week, see








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Fire on the Field – Seven Suggestions to Handle the Heat

Source:Wikimedia Commons

Good Day!

These next two days, July 30 & 31, bring this summer’s transits of transformation front and center.  Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto are all involved in a conflicting pattern of energy and today and tomorrow Mercury, Mars, and the Moon deliver this conflict right to our doorsteps.  No longer will it seem “out there” or only happening to someone else.

With the Moon in Aries we’re ready for a fight.  It’s like that movie line, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”    We’ve had enough, our patience is gone, and we’re emotionally ready to stand up to anyone or anything that smacks of injustice or deceit.  No matter how much we’ve been focused on our own sphere of business, work, and personal life, we’re all reaching the tipping point with the global news and with people who have put their own interests in front of fairness to everyone.

When the Moon is in Aries we normally tend to blow off a little steam but with the pressure cooker of these outer planet aspects don’t be surprised if the lid flies off.  A warning though:  everyone else is boiling now too and if you provoke an argument, watch out.

The Mars and Mercury aspects will also play a part.  Mars opposes Uranus on Friday and joins forces with Saturn on Saturday.  Although Mars, the planet of aggression, is enfeebled in Libra, the Uranus propensity to incite rebellion could translate into a dangerous defensiveness.  If you light a fire on Friday you’ll spend Saturday trying to get it under control.  Levelheadedness will return, but not before bridges are burned and some cherished self-images are singed around the edges.

Mercury will bring this all out into the open, with coworkers and colleagues wanting to hash out differences and come to some neat package of resolution.  Not necessarily!  There’s so much fire on the field today and tomorrow, shouting and accusations are more likely than the precise communication Mercury in Virgo would want to bring to the table.

So what should you do?  How should you handle these energies?  Here are seven suggestions to handle the heat:

  • Come up with constructive outlets for anger, frustration, and disappointment.  Physical play is good as long as there are clear and negotiated boundaries for what is fair.
  • Turn up the air conditioning.  I don’t tend to use air conditioning because of the impact on the planet, but Friday and Saturday are exceptions.  Keeping physically cool will go a long way toward keeping tempers cool.  If it’s winter where you live, you’ve got a better chance to come away unscathed.
  • Work hard!  Channel these energies into constructive action.  Challenge yourself rather than others.  Set a goal only you can accomplish.  Work it today and finish it tomorrow.
  • Play calming music – no acid rock today.  Believe me, there will be enough motivation without heavy metal.
  • If you don’t feel well, take care of yourself.  Stay home.  Have soup.  Watch movies – in the air conditioning.
  • Steer clear of people who tend to be domineering.  Nothing will be gained from confrontations so cancel those meetings.  Hang out with friends and supporters.
  • Trust the universe.  If you run into delays, take it as a sign that something more fortunate is on its way.  Turn your attention to another project.

Stay cool…and let me know how it all turns out!

For an overview of the week, see the Astro4Business Weekly Forecast – July 26-Aug 1

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For more info on the business descriptions of the planets influencing today, see

The Moon







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Astro4Business Monthly Forecast – August 2010

Hello, everyone.

We’ve arrived at August, the astrological height of the year 2010.  What are the planetary influences this month and how can we work with them?

  • We’ll start with the most long-range and overarching influences, the planets Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus, which you will notice do not travel far from month to month but stay in the same sector of the sky for many years.
  • Then we will look at the mid-range influences, Jupiter and Saturn, which stay in the same sign for 1 – 2.5 years.
  • We’ll look at the personal planets, Mars, Venus, Mercury, and the Sun which stay in their respective signs for much shorter periods and primarily influence our day-to-day lives.
  • And last we’ll look at the sign and dates for the New and Full Moon, as these mark the waxing and waning cycles in our daily lives.

Pluto in Capricorn

We’ve spoken at length about Pluto in Capricorn (see category at right), where it will remain until 2024.  In a nutshell, this long transit will bring deep change and upheaval to many of the structures we have come to rely upon:  government, religion, the economy, industry, and the military, to name a few.  This transit carries the energy of revolution and evolution and can be dramatic and at times overwhelming.  Pluto exposes what is hidden, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.

Pluto hastens and intensifies the processes of endings and new beginnings, and in Capricorn will bring about the ending of our business pursuits that are no longer suited to our growth and personal evolution.  Whatever has been slowly leaking vitality will go ahead and die, including old business models, practices, and products.

This is formidable energy, and your best strategy is to tune in and work with it.  Find an area in your business life in need of renewal and begin the process before Pluto reaches planets in your chart and forces the issue.

Everyone with planets in the first seven degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn is already dealing with this energy.  You’ve probably noticed a deeper and deeper probing and cleansing all year long, related to the issues mentioned above.  Pluto transits can be difficult, but when the work is through, they are the most rewarding because we are irrevocably freed from a long-standing, but hidden, issue.

Neptune in Aquarius

With Neptune in Aquarius (see category at right) from 1998 to 2011, we’ve seen a growing global consensus regarding the equal value of all beings, shared responsibility for our planet, the distribution of technology to all nations, and the right of each person to contribute to and further the base of common knowledge.

The best way to work with this energy is to allow your rational mind to open to waves of inspiration from the collective whole, from your local community to the global community.  Expect to be inspired by your neighbors and friends, both near and far.

If you have planets between 25 and 28 degrees of any sign expect to experience a subtle but powerful dissatisfaction with certain areas of your life and a yearning for a more meaningful connection to others.  This disconcerting influence can dissolve the forms in our life that have no real content for us anymore.  This can be disorienting and confusing while it is happening but once these deeper connections are made, the benefits are rewarding and long-lasting.

Uranus in Aries/Pisces

In July Uranus entered its annual cycle of retrograde motion.  During the entire month of July it slowly travelled back through the very first degree of Aries, and now in August it will move back into Pisces where it will remain until next March.

Since May 27, when Uranus entered Aries, we’ve been getting to know a new face of Uranus. Aries is the spark of entrepreneurial spirit, the initiating drive toward independence and individuality.  You may have noticed new ideas incubating and a spirit of bold entrepreneurship in and around your business.  But when Uranus moved into retrograde motion, there was probably a disruption in this full-speed-ahead current.  You may now feel ambivalent or dissatisfied with your new ideas and initiatives.

And when Uranus moves back into Pisces there’s another major shift. Yes, this is familiar territory; Uranus was in Pisces for most of the last seven years, since March 2003.  But it may feel bizarre to be stepping back in time.  From the entrepreneurial spirit we again enter the collective.  From our recent forays into a new style of leadership, we fall back into flattened hierarchies and committee leadership.  From enhanced independence we’re back to collaboration and alliances.

Our whole society will seem to be taking steps backwards.  Must be something more to learn!

Saturn in Libra

In July, Saturn entered the sign of Libra where it will stay until October 2012.  Saturn is exalted in Libra which means it has a special affinity to the sign and if you’re willing to do the work, there is a promised payoff.  See the category to the right on this important transit, but in a nutshell:  what is the work of Saturn in Libra?  To develop patience, persistence, responsibility, and humility in relationships.  What is the payoff?  Cooperation and mutual support.

Until October, Saturn is in square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn (see above).  The stress of this square aspect will bring the end to structures that are no longer working in our businesses (and in our world.)  The Saturn energy will attempt to install the Libra values of equity, parity, diplomacy, collaboration, and cooperation while the Pluto energy brings more and more destructive patterns to the surface for all to see.  This configuration becomes exact on August 21 and we can expect this conflicting energy to build until then and then begin to taper off.

Jupiter in Aries

In June, Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and expansion, entered Aries.  Aries is an initiatory sign and Jupiter thinks big.  Your former goals may have felt too limiting and you may have experienced a passion for growth, expansion, competition, and claiming new territories

Then Jupiter entered retrograde motion on July 23.  We may have found our enthusiasm flagging for our new products and plans.  The forward momentum we’d been enjoying may have reversed, and now we find ourselves more restrained.  This is an important phase for realistically assessing how much we can get done, to curtail overdoing and over-committing, and to take the time to slowly grow a project to completion.

During August, Jupiter opposes Saturn which may cause you to feel that you don’t know whether to brake or accelerate.  The energy of conservatism is strong from Saturn’s placement in Libra and Jupiter’s enthusiasm is weakened due to retrograde motion.  So a gentle foot on the brake is called for, or how about down-shifting so you don’t have to ride the brakes at all?

During August Jupiter is also in difficult aspect with Pluto.  This can bring you face to face with the material realities of this time, whether governmental, regulatory, or economic.  Even nature can seem to thwart your every move.  How to work with this energy?  I’d say wait it out.  Patience can help you simply witness all the comings and goings, knowing that this time is paving the way for opportunities once some of the dross has been burned out of the system.

Mars in Libra

Mars spends the month in Libra, another indication to bide your time and let matters take their course.  Mars, the planet representing action, aggression, and applied energy, is weakened when in Libra, and with all of the other planetary conflicts this can be a good thing.  When Mars is in Libra we are more circumspect and concerned with the impact of our actions on other people.  So if you feel your competitive drive is weak this month, use your time and energy to support others.  This will rebalance and replenish your drive.

Venus in Virgo/Libra

Until August 6, Venus is in Virgo where she has a bad reputation for being nit-picking, perfectionistic, and fault-finding.  Not us, surely!  When Venus is in Virgo our happiness, creativity and productivity comes from our daily routines.  We like nothing better than to arrive at work on time, put in a good day, and then eat a nourishing meal in the evening.  The more you can build a productive, repetitive schedule into your day, the happier you will feel.

When Venus enters Libra on the 6th, we find our day-to-day happiness in relationships, art, beauty, fashion, and generally getting along and supporting each other.  This is another major boon as we work through the difficult outer planet conflicts.  We will be more than usually accommodating and willing to compromise and so will the folks around us.

Mercury in Virgo

Mercury is in Virgo all month and this is great for writing, documentation, and detailed project plans.  Also great for getting that bookkeeping caught up!  Mercury in Virgo loves to talk, write, and think about commerce and wants to accomplish practical outcomes by the end of each day.

And the good news is we get a good long spell of Mercury in Virgo, because Mercury turns retrograde on August 20 for three weeks.  More and more astrologers are spreading the news that Mercury retrograde can be a good thing, not the demon many people think it is.  See the link below for 10 Best Practices for Mercury Retrograde.

Sun in Leo/Virgo

The Sun in Leo until August 23 supports us to step into the limelight.  As the leader of your team, this is the time of year par excellence to set direction and reinforce your authority.  You may become hyper-sensitive to issues of loyalty, recognizing who on your team is really on your team, and who is just passing through.  Of course, loyalty is a two-way street, usually only given when it is received in kind.

When the Sun moves into Virgo, your style of leadership changes completely.  You know the saying, To Lead is to Serve?  (There is also an excellent book of the same name by Shar McBee.)  That phrase is the perfect expression of the Sun in Virgo.  Come down a notch and see what your team needs from you, and then offer it.  This will keep them productive and you in touch with the practical details of your business.  That’s the Sun in Virgo!

Phases of the Moon

The New Moon is in Leo on August 9, waxing to full in Pisces on August 24.  We’ll examine the lunar phases in the weekly and daily forecasts in August.

Monthly Recap

Another big month in our summer of transformation!  With all of the outer planets except Saturn in retrograde motion we will find ourselves retracing our steps and reevaluating our progress.  With Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in a most difficult configuration, we take the support of Venus and Mars in Libra to keep us balanced, steady, and compassionate amidst the turmoil.  Share some art or music with others to raise your spirits and bolster your relationships.  The Sun in Leo will help you be generous with your staff and colleagues and when the Sun moves into Virgo and joins Mercury there, service becomes the keyword for the rest of the month.

Have a great month and let me know how it all plays out!

Key Dates and Keywords for the Month

August 2          Jupiter (Expansion) Challenges Pluto (Transformation)

August 3          Mars (Force) Challenges Pluto (Transformation)

August 9          New Moon in Leo

August 16        Jupiter (Expansion) Opposes Saturn (Limitation)

August 21        Saturn (Limitation) Challenges Pluto (Transformation)

August 24        Full Moon in Pisces

For tips on how to use Mercury Retrograde to your advantage, see 10 Best Practices for Mercury Retrograde.

For more info on the business descriptions of the planets, see

The Sun

The Moon









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A4B Today – July 26, Gotta Serve Somebody

Source:Wikimedia Commons

Good Day!

Today is a big day, one of the top days of the year.  In the weekly forecast we already discussed the Saturn/Uranus opposition which is exact today.  This is the last of a series of five oppositions over the past two years, the first of which was exact on the day Obama won the U.S. Presidential election.  This last exact opposition caps a cycle of conflict between the past and the future, the tried and true and the innovative, the safe and the risky.  With a foot in both worlds, we’ve had to learn to proceed boldly into our uncertain futures while holding on to the best of the past.  And that’s been quite a challenge!

But that’s not all that’s going on today.  This is also a major day highlighting the planets Jupiter and Pluto, both retrograde and in a very challenging aspect to each other.  This brings our sense of optimism crashing into the cold, hard realities of the current economic and political times.  Both planets form aspects to the Sun in Leo today, which brings the whole matter into our personal sphere and tests our leadership skills to the max.

When the Sun is in Leo we want to lead:  unimpeded and as an expression of our own creativity.  You could say the Sun is the “leader” of all the planets and since it rules Leo, Leo is the sign of leadership – not the Capricorn style of executive management but true leadership, the ability to rally the energies of others and direct them to a common goal.  The urge to lead when the Sun is in Leo is strong, and the Sun is the symbol of the owner or leader in any organization, tribe, or team.

But what does a leader do when there are forces more powerful than they are?  The economic recession, political wrangling, and the uncovering of dark corporate misdeeds that are symbolized by Pluto in Capricorn, coupled with the recent reversals or brain drain symbolized by last week’s Jupiter retrograde, can throw even the most solid organization into turmoil.  Strong leadership is required now and is the gift of Sun in Leo, but strength must be informed by a levelheaded assessment of today’s realities.  Hubris has no place when there are such strong forces as we are experiencing this summer.

I just spent time with my brother, a leader by any measure.  He is a U.S. Army General, stationed at the Pentagon.  He is in charge of all of the training for the U.S. Army.  He is also one of the most conscious and thoughtful people I know. He spoke to me about leadership and the seven core values of the Army:  loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage.  He said that he would add one value to the list:  humility.  I agree.  Humility helps us realistically gauge where to put our efforts for long term success, what we should fight for and when to surrender.

Here is a really cool video of Booker T. and the M.G.s playing a song by Bob Dylan that’s been on my mind as I’ve been contemplating these complicated times.  I looked up Bob Dylan’s astrology chart, wondering if he had a similar configuration in his chart to today’s Sun/Jupiter/Pluto forces.  Sure enough, he does.  In his chart the Sun, Jupiter, and Pluto are harmoniously aligned and support a full and positive expression of the essence of these planets.  So we can take his wisdom to heart today to help us navigate these turbulent waters.  The song gives us a powerful perspective. Let me know what you think!

For an overview of the week, see the Astro4Business Weekly Forecast – July 26-Aug 1

For an overview of the month, see the Astro4Business Month Ahead – July 2010

For more info on the business descriptions of the planets mentioned today, see

The Sun





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Astro4Business Weekly Forecast – July 26 to August 1

(Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Hello, everyone.

This is a very active week, hosting several of the major configurations astrologers have been talking about all year.  It is also the week that Mercury and Mars change signs and then add their input into the mix of outer planet shenanigans.  If you like riding roller coasters, you’re loving this summer.  In fact, this week is so charged that I’m only going to cover one of Monday’s major aspects in this post.  Stay tuned as we fully explore each day as the week unfolds.

But what if you’re not experiencing anything out of the ordinary at all?  This is because all of the activity within these major configurations is within an extremely small range of degrees of the zodiac.  Each sign of the zodiac has thirty degrees, counted from 0 to 30.  All of the major planetary activity this summer is between 0 and 3 degrees.  Giving some latitude on either side, if you have planets or chart points such as Ascendant or Midheaven between 27 and 30 degrees of any sign, or between 0 and 6 degrees of any sign, then this summer’s transformation is especially for you.  And I have no doubt you know it!

If you’re in the rare circumstance of having absolutely no planets or points in those degrees, well then it’s your task to lend a hand.  Your colleagues and staff need you as they battle their inner and outer dragons!

Saturn/Uranus Opposition

Monday is the big day of the week, although with aspects of this magnitude the effect has been building for a week and will linger for another.  Three aspects vie for supremacy today, each strong in their own right.

Probably the most powerful is the fifth out of five Saturn/Uranus oppositions which have been playing out in the sky for a couple of years.  I’ve written several posts about this major aspect which I’ll list with links at the bottom.  In a nutshell, we are pushed and pulled between the past and the future; between the tried and true and the untested potential; between the reliable and the risky.  If circumstances force us to tether ourselves to what’s worked in the past, we’re chomping at the bit for change.  If we’ve been catapulted into something brand new, we long for the security of what we know.  We need to adapt to today’s unique environment and yet we don’t want to let go of what has worked in the past.  And we shouldn’t!

(Source:Wikimedia Commons)

As I was driving across Texas in my recent move from the East Coast to El Paso, I saw an image that perfectly represented for me this Saturn/Uranus opposition.  I was staring out the car window at huge wind turbines, the really tall ones with the three pronged arms.  There is a stretch of highway in Texas where there are hundreds of them and literally hundreds of miles of electric lines carrying the power away.  Suddenly I saw a freight train wending its way across the desert with a long line of cars and I then noticed oil wells drilling away under the turbines. A man on horseback rounding up some longhorns completed the picture.  The oil wells, the freight train, the man on horseback:  each an innovation from the past that is still extremely valuable today.   And the wind turbines:  a new technology and potential energy solution springing from a very old idea, harnessing the power of the wind.

This mix of the old and new is what we’re grappling with under this Saturn/Uranus opposition.  We’re being required to recognize the importance of each, and to use the appropriate tool at the appropriate time.  Oppositions can appear as either/or propositions but there are other ways to deal with them.  One is to find the point where you can appreciate both sides equally and mediate solutions for those who insist it has to be one or the other.  Another is to seesaw between the two, keeping each in its place for the value it brings to specific situations.  Another is to combine the two, like sending the oil drilled in those fields by way of freight train to refineries, or routing the energy from the turbines overland to preexisting electrical grids.

The best of the past in service to the potential of the future – that’s the balance to strive for under this Saturn/Uranus opposition.  How have you managed to combine the old and the new?  Please share with all of us in the comments.  Don’t be shy, this aspect has been happening for two years – I’m sure we all have an example or two.

For more information on the Saturn Uranus opposition, check out these posts:

April 26 – Saturn/Uranus Day

Flaws & Perfection – Handling the Saturn/Uranus Opposition

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For more info on the business descriptions of Saturn and Uranus, see



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Sunday’s Full Moon – the Master Potter

(Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Hello, everyone.

I wanted to write a special post about the coming Full Moon, which is exact on July 25, Sunday, at 7:36 MDT.

For as long as I have been studying astrology, I never really noticed until I began writing weekly forecasts how benevolently time and space interact with us here on earth.  Through the planetary movements we see how we are given constant challenges and opportunities for growth, while always being supported along the way.  For example, I recently noticed that when there are a couple of weeks of really stressful aspects in the sky, indicating obstacles and tension in our daily lives, there follows a very light week astrologically, custom-made, it seems, for assimilation and rest.

We are entering the height of the summer of transformation, when most of the outer planets, the ones that really bring challenge and change, are forming difficult aspects with each other – aspects that indicate opposition, restriction, dilemna, conflict, and eruption.  I’m sure you’re feeling this or at least seeing it played out in the lives of people you know; you can’t miss it on the global scene.  It’s like life is demanding that we each step up to the plate and decide what we want to create as our future  – whether in our businesses, our relationships, or as global citizens.  Each of us can see the lines drawn in the sand and must decide where we stand.

Mystic Rectangle

Enter the Full Moon in the middle of all this stress.  Often, when the Sun and Moon oppose each other in the sky, the Full Moon illuminates and exacerbates conflict.  It is often a time of heightened energy and demand.  Yet this Full Moon performs an interesting feat:  it serves to balance all of the other tensions of this time.  It forms a pattern in the sky called a Mystic Rectangle which some astrologers call the aspect of “practical spirituality.”  The planets are still forming their difficult aspects yet the Sun and Moon, from across the sky, provide relief valves to siphon off the stressful energies.  Harmonious aspects pour down, balancing the intensity with harmony, support, and good will.  The configurations bringing difficulty this summer are softened by the Sun and the Moon, allowing the energies to pull together in alignment.

So this weekend is the time, par excellence, to come to terms with whatever difficulties you’re grappling with in your business or personal relationships.  Solutions will present themselves and potentials for the future will become apparent.  The main risk is we have become so used to dealing with hardships, we may not notice that there is an open road ahead.

If the energies of this time are not affecting you personally, then it is the perfect time to mediate for someone else.  Instead of us versus them, we can find our way to balance with this Full Moon.  And take note, the solutions you reach this weekend will keep you rock steady for the rest of the summer.

The Master Potter

I once heard an adage that a spiritual teacher is like a potter, pressing and shaping with one hand, while the other hand firmly supports the clay from within.  This coming Full Moon is like that master potter, revealing the difficulties and pointing the way out, too.

For an overview of the week, see the Astro4Business Weekly Forecast – July 19-25

For an overview of the month, see the Astro4Business Month Ahead – July 2010

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A4B Today – Welcome (again) to Saturn in Libra

Good Day!

Justice-a good image for Saturn in Libra. (Source:Wikipedia)

Justice-a good image for Saturn in Libra. (Source:Wikipedia)

Today Saturn leaves the sign Virgo and enters Libra, where it travels until October 2012.  Saturn is said to be exalted in the sign of Libra which means he brings his best qualities to the matters of this sign as long as we are willing to do the work required.

The conservative energy of Saturn has a natural affinity with business.  It represents the part of us that understands the needs for controls, policies, and rules.  With these attributes we contract the flow of ideas and inspiration into the material plane.  We are  able to see the goal at the top of the mountain and patiently follow a prescribed plan to get there.  Saturn does rule boundaries and limitations, yes, but through this energy we willingly accept these as a fact of life on this physical earth and we know how to put these things to use to accomplish success.

Saturn in Libra Success

What is success when Saturn is in Libra?  Libra is a major turning point in the zodiac and also in the business cycle.  In the first six signs of the zodiac we are building inner resources and strengthening our skills and innate talents.  When we come to the seventh sign, Libra, we enter the phase of the cycle when we focus more on our engagement with others.  It’s almost as if we’ve spent the previous six signs perfecting ourselves so that we are ready to interact with and contribute to the lives of others.

In business, of course, this translates into business partnerships, business negotiations, business alliances – all the activities that take us out of the more personal, more entrepreneurial phases of business and into active engagement with the public, both our supporters and our competitors.

So what will Saturn bring to these Libran activities?  What are the Libran ideals that Saturn will crystallize into matter?  Here are some ideas:

  • Fair and equitable partnerships
  • Responsibility to others
  • Social justice
  • Direct, honest communications
  • Respect for and inclusion of the elderly on your staff as sources of wisdom
  • Disciplined responses to threats from competitors

What to watch for

If any of these Libran activities are out of balance in your business, Saturn will make it known over the coming months.  Saturn has the reputation as a taskmaster and when he first begins his instruction, it can look (and feel) like restriction, limitation, and failure.  Things we thought were going smoothly reveal another side.  Anywhere we have polarized – us against the government; me and my competitor; my partner is the smart one; I’m conservative and my partner is spending all the money – will be challenged as we learn to reclaim our true power in relationship.

Saturn will shine a light on our ability to commit and to do the arduous work to play by the rules of partnership.  It will demand structure and a concrete commitment to fairness and equity.  Fortune or misfortune may look like it comes through others when Saturn in is Libra, but blame will have no place to stand as we are tested regarding our own integrity and honesty.  Saturn is known to demand truth and when he is in Libra he dispels our illusions about ourselves in relationship to others.  Saturn will expect us to act like grown-ups and to run our businesses according to fundamental social values, rather than convenient shortcuts we may have learned from others.

And the payoff?

All this work then clears the way to be able to join with others in cooperative, mutually beneficial relationships.  And remember, Saturn is exalted in Libra, so while it sounds like a lot of hard work, the payoff is tremendous and permanent.

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A4B Today – July 20 Wisdom from Steven Forrest

Good Day!

This week we really begin to engage in the Cardinal T-square aspect of our summer of transformation.  These aspects unfold over the next four weeks in a series involving Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto, with Mars thrown in there in case it wasn’t hot enough already!

Here is the specific line-up although all of these planets are powerful enough that we will experience the aspect for a few weeks on either side of the exact day.  In other words, their conflicting energies will mix and mash and morph each other throughout the next few weeks.

Jupiter(Expansion) in Aries Square Pluto(Transformation) in Capricorn     Jul 24 2010

Saturn(Contraction) in Libra Opposes Uranus(Revolution) in Aries        Jul 26 2010

Mars(Force) in Libra Opposes Uranus(Revolution) in Aries          Jul 30 2010

Mars(Force) in Libra Conjunct Saturn(Contraction) in Libra          Jul 31 2010

Jupiter(Expansion) in Aries Square Pluto(Transformation) in Capricorn     Aug 2 2010

Mars(Force) in Libra Opposes Jupiter(Expansion) in Aries         Aug 3 2010

Mars(Force) in Libra Square Pluto(Transformation) in Capricorn        Aug 3 2010

Jupiter(Expansion) in Aries Opposes Saturn(Contraction) in Libra        Aug 16 2010

Saturn(Contraction) in Libra Square Pluto(Transformation) in Capricorn      Aug 21 2010

The video below is by Steven Forrest, one of the most respected astrologers today.  He explains the upcoming time with wisdom and balance.  I hope you enjoy it.

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For more info on the business descriptions of the planets mentioned today, see






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Sage Advice for Tonight’s Eclipse

Tonight’s Eclipse highlights this summer’s conflicting energies, with the Full Moon exactly conjunct Pluto.  The more I think about this grand pattern involving Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto, the Moon, and the Sun, the more I think we are meant to summon our inner courage and take matters into our individual hands.  With Jupiter in Aries, the sign of the warrior, our opportunities come when we step up the heat and embrace the warrior within.

Ramana Maharshi, 1879 - 1950 (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Here is advice from seven sages to keep in mind for the Eclipse.

1.  Imagine that a deeply profound ocean of calm exists in you that is not affected by any turbulence. Deepak Chopra

2.  There is never a conflict with [a] person or condition, but rather a false concept mentally entertained about [that] person, thing, circumstance, or condition.  Therefore, make the correction within yourself, rather than attempting to change anyone or anything in the without. Joel S. Goldsmith

3.  The child blames the external and focuses his energies there; the warrior conquers the realms within and becomes gifted. St. Teresa of Avila

4.  In order to become a man of knowledge one must be a warrior, not a whimpering child.  One must strive without giving up, without a complaint, without flinching, until one sees, only to realize then that nothing matters. Don Juan to Carlos Castaneda

5.  Man follows the ways of the Earth.  The Earth follows the ways of Heaven, Heaven follows the ways of Tao, Tao follows its own ways. Lao Tzu, Translated by John C.H. Wu

6.  Pleasure or pain are only aspects of the mind.  Our essential nature is happiness.  Happiness is inherent in everyone and is not due to external causes. Ramana Maharshi

7.  Courage means rising to meet the demands of each moment with total delight, knowing you are equal to it. Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

For an overview of the week, see the Astro4Business Weekly Forecast – June 21-27

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A4B Today – June 9 Anticipation and Mountain Laurel

Source:Wikimedia Commons

Good Day!

The Moon continues its trek through Taurus, lending stability and practicality to the day.  This gives me the opportunity to explore more deeply the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction which was exact yesterday.

I’ve written here before that Uranus occasionally reveals itself as startling insights that seem to come from another dimension of our minds.  Yesterday, on the day of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, I woke up with two of these messages.

One was from the remnant of a fading dream, in which I walked around a corner and continued along the side of a building called “The Laurel under the Mountain Hideaway.”

This was followed a few moments later by these words:  “Ah, lovely, open, alive.  Anticipation without expectation.  Jupiter conjunct Uranus.”

I know enough to grab a pen immediately and jot down these kinds of communications.  They hold meaning, often at many different levels, and it is always fascinating to explore and try to decipher them.  Here’s my attempt as a celebration of this new day.

The Laurel under the Mountain Hideaway

I started my research with the word, Laurel.  Laurel wreaths, remember, were given in Roman times to victors returning from battle.  They are still awarded at certain schools to signify the attainment of a level of achievement.  I also read in Wikipedia that it is a huge family of flowering plants, some deadly poisonous and some yielding edible fruit like cinnamon, bay leaves, sassafras, and avocado.

Then I googled “Laurel under the Mountain”, and here’s where I struck gold.  There is a type of Laurel called Under the Mountain Laurel!  This led me to a study (“The influence of mountain laurel on regeneration in pitch pine canopy gaps of the Coweeta Basin, North Carolina, U.S.A.”) which revealed the important role Under the Mountain Laurel plays in the regeneration of seedlings in a pine forest.

At this point I started to understand the image, Laurel under the Mountain Hideaway, and its connection to Jupiter/Uranus in the very first degree of Aries.  If you’ve ever hiked among mountain laurel you know it forms a dense, almost impenetrable undergrowth.  Underneath this “hideaway” various species of saplings are taking root, deep in shadow, unseen, and shielded from wind.  This dense thicket protects the seedlings until they are ready to grow above the canopy.

This describes the moment we are experiencing now.  Unseen, possibly even unknown to us, there are new ideas taking root, quickened by Jupiter and Uranus in Aries.  But they are at the most infant stage right now.  They need protection and concealment to grow.  And there are many varieties of saplings in that Laurel hideaway; we have to wait to see which ideas will break through the dense canopy and stand on their own.

Anticipation without Expectation

I love this second message.  It has the sense of a direct admonition by Jupiter, who is always willing to give some advice.  “Lovely, open, alive”, apt keywords and good counsel for this time plus “anticipation without expectation.”  Yes, something is coming, yes, change is in the air, yes, we can feel it stirring.  But the right approach is without expectation for performance on our timeline, or for the transformation to conform to our plans.  “Anticipation” has a sense of spaciousness to me, knowing something is coming but wide open about what it will be; “expectation” has more of a sense of desire, my personal will pulling something I hope for toward me.

The two messages together seem to indicate the flavor of the time (Uranus) and how to address it (Jupiter).  A great reminder and, I believe, a message directly from the two planets for all of us.  Of course, symbolic language is open to many interpretations.  Do you see anything I missed?

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Don’t forget. If you have an astrology-related business question (or a business-related astrology question) send it to me at I’ll answer it in these posts, anonymously of course, and we can all learn from each other’s experiences. I look forward to it! Have a question now? Email it and let’s get started!

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